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Camp Scholarships

Jewish Summer Camp
The JewishFederation supports camp scholarships as part of our mission to create Jewish Connections for Life. Jewish summer camp gives your child the opportunity to grow and gain independence, make life-long friendships, and explore their interests.

Whether they're singing songs around the campfire, learning about Jewish values, or hiking in the mountains, campers explore what Judaism means to them. At camp, children will not only develop confidence and social skills; they will discover a profound sense of what it means to be Jewish.

Campers are Future Leaders
The impact of Jewish camp lasts a lifetime. Children benefit from Jewish camp experiences by learning to value their Jewish heritage. Campers grow to become active leaders in the Jewish community. In fact, children who attend Jewish summer camps are more likely to engage in Jewish life in many ways, including joining a synagogue, supporting Jewish causes, and becoming rabbis, Jewish educators and community lay leaders.

Jewish Overnight Camp Scholarships
The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle believes that the Jewish overnight camp experience is essential to building a child's Jewish identity.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle's Camp Scholarship Program helps families in Washington State with the cost of camp tuition. By providing you with a variety of funding options, our goal is to ensure that you receive the assistance needed so that your child/children can participate in the Jewish overnight camp experience.

Camp scholarships are need-based. The JFGS need-based camp scholarship program is a joint effort with camps and synagogues. All financial information submitted will be shared among the organizations.

2017 Application Deadlines:
Round 1 Deadline - Saturday, February 25 @ 11:59pm
Round 2 Deadline - Saturday, April 22 @ 11:59pm

2017 Camp Scholarship Instructions

Click here to apply for our 2017 Camp Scholarship!

Please note: you will need to "create an account" in order to apply for a camp scholarship. For households with multiple campers, please set up one account for the family and create multiple submissions from that account.  If this is what you will be doing, please set up the account using the paren't information (first and last name). 

If you are submitting an application for only one camper, please use that camper's information (first and last name) to set up the initial account.

To find out more about the One Happy Camper First Time Camper Incentive Grant program, click here.

If you have any questions, please email, or call 206.443.5400.